Presenter: Jerry Baker, Traffic Planning & Design

When?   Thursday, October 17, 2019; 8:30am-10:00am

Where?  West Goshen Township, 1025 Paoli Pike, 2nd Floor, West Chester, PA 19380

Cost?   Free for CCE members


Retroreflectivity is the property of a material that returns light to the source. In the case of roadways at night, the retroreflective materials may be traffic signs and pavement markings and the source is usually the headlights of a vehicle. Unfortunately, the retroreflective characteristics of traffic control devices gradually deteriorate over time. As a result and as a safety precaution, it is important to replace traffic control devices prior to the time when they no longer meet the needs of the nighttime driver.

The FHWA has developed guidance for public agencies to determine the appropriate level of sign retroreflectivity required by nighttime drivers. In 2004, the FHWA issued a Notice of Proposed Amendment to the MUTCD that would include a standard for maintaining minimum sign retroreflectivity. A systematic process to replace worn-out devices can then be implemented to ensure that limited budgets are used efficiently to meet the needs of the nighttime driver.

The questions that arise from this new standard are:  Must a public agency implement this standard? When should the agency implement this standard? What are the consequences of non-compliance?

This presentation will discuss these questions, the principles and the methodology for determining the retroreflectivity of traffic control devices.

Who should attend?  Civil Engineers, Transportation Professionals, Municipal Engineers, Municipal Staff, Public Works Employees

Attendees will earn 1 PDH.


Conference Details

Conference Details

Date: October 17, 2019
Location: West Goshen Township Building, 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA 19380