NPDES/Act 537


NPDES/Act 537

All NPDES permit applications submitted in 2006 or earlier that are still waiting for a complete 537 submission are being denied. These applications can be resubmitted when a 537 approval, waiver or exemption is issued. The new applications will need to use the most current NPDES forms and meet the applicable requirements in place at the time of resubmission. 

If a 537 submission is currently in house and under review, the NPDES will not be denied unless deadlines for submission of revisions, as needed for either the 537 or NPDES, are not met.

Starting around November 1, 2007, or when the new NPDES NOI form is rolled out and on the web, NPDES applications will be considered incomplete without 537 approval. There will be a 2 month transition period for this to be completely in place. 

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