DEP Publishes Draft Sewage Technical Guidance Document

Title: Act 537 Program Guidance; Site Suitability and Alternatives Analysis Guidelines for New Land Development Proposing Onlot Sewage Disposal.

Description: This guidance provides a consistent and systematic approach for Department staff to follow when reviewing planning submission site suitability and alternatives analysis information submitted to the Department under the Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) and Department regulations. This guidance also successfully integrates recently developed onlot sewage disposal technology into the existing regulatory framework for Act 537 New Land Development planning, enabling developers and local municipal officials to consider and assess new onlot sewage disposal technologies during the planning phase of new land development. The guidance applies to the preparation and review of Sewage Facilities Planning Modules, assessing site suitability for, or the use of, individual or community onlot sewage systems.

Written Comments: The Department is seeking comments on draft technical guidance No. 362-2207-001. Interested persons may submit written comments on this draft technical guidance document by April 21, 2008.

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