Continuing Education Conference

November 18, 2010- Continuing Ed. Conference Sponsored by: Earth Care, Inc. Landscape & Erosion Control Company (484)514-2135

Courses included:
– Legal Issues in the Development Plan Approval Process, Lou Colagreco, RRHC
– Making Proper Turn Lane Calculations, Christopher Williams, McMahon Associates, Inc.
– Retaining Wall Design & Layout, Bar Shippee, Shippee Engineering Inc.
– Modeling Nitrates in Groundwater, Paul White, Brickhouse Environmental
– Essential Issues in Onlot Septic Design, Susan Ahern, Evans Mill Environmental
– Practical Application of Compaction Analysis, Advantage Engineers

Meeting notes: (Meeting notes may take a moment to load)

Follow this link Legal Issues in the development plan approval processpdf

Follow this linkpdfMaking Proper Turn Lane Calculations

Follow this linkpdfRetaining wall design & Layout notes

Follow this linkpdfModeling Nitrates in Groundwater

Follow this linkpdfPractical application of compaction analysis

Follow this linkpdfEssential issues in onlot septic design

Conference Details

Conference Details

Date: November 8, 2010