Code of Conduct

The Chester County Engineers Board of Directors recently approved its “Code of Conduct for Pennsylvania Municipal & Consulting Engineers in the Land Development Process”.

CCE believes that as a profession, if we rally around our shared core values, the land development process can be less contentious and more cooperative for all involved. As a member of CCE, the Board is asking you and the licensed engineers at your firm to review the Code of Conduct statement and consider joining the growing number of engineers who have signed it.

pdfDownload the Chester County Engineers Code of Conduct56.78 KB

You can add your name and company to agree via this page or print, sign and fax in the agreement PDF form to (610) 918-9007.

Denny L. Howell, P.E./ D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. West Chester Location, Chester County Engineers-President
Andrew DeFonzo, P.E. / D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. Kennett Location, Chester County Engineers-Treasurer
David Gibbons, P.E./ D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. West Chester Location
Bryan D. Kulakowsky, P.E./ D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. West Chester Location
David Sanders, P.E./ D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. Downingtown Location
Jeremy Maziarz, P.E. /Chester County Engineers-Board Member
Jeffery W. McClintock, P.E./Caln Township, Chester County Engineers-Secretary 
Victor Kelly, Jr., P.E./Commonwealth Engineers, Chester County Engineers-Board Member
Peter L. Cokonis,P.E./Commonwealth Engineers
David E. Rentschler, P.E./ Commonwealth Engineers
Gregory C. Newell, P.E./ Nave Newell, Inc.
D. Alexander Tweedie, P.E./ Nave Newell, Inc.
Keith J. Marshall,P.E./Nave Newell, Inc.
Alfred Wright, P.E./ Rettew
Robert G. Richardson, P.E./ Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
Maurice P.(P.J.) Close, P.E./ Kelly & Close Engineers
Qamar Ahmad, P.E./ Kelly & Close Engineers
Kevin M. Matson,P.E./Kelly & Close Engineers
Adam Brower,P.E./E.B. Walsh, Chester County Engineers-Vice President
Robert H. Plucienik,P.E.,PLS/Chester Valley Engineers
Justin Linette, P.E.
Richard J. Craig, P.E./West Goshen Township
Christopher C. Yohn, P.E./ Momenee & Associates, Inc.