Critical Industry Updates

Critical Industry Information – PDH Credits

Critical Industry Information – PDH Credits

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Pennsylvanias professional engineers, land surveyors and geologist must renew their respective licenses prior to September 30, 2011 or risk license expiration. As part of your biennial renewal, you must have earned 24 Professional Development Hours. If you have earned more than 24 continuing education credits during the current cycle, up to 12 may be carried over to the next licensing cycle.

Visit Pennsylvanias State Registration Board State Registration Board for specific information, renewal forms, and other important notices. For your convenience, the Boards June 2011 Newsletter describing the continuing education requirements.

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Previous event-Engineers’ Luncheon: Creating Better Consulting Engineer/Municipal Engineer Communications

Previous event-Engineers’ Luncheon: “Creating Better Consulting Engineer/Municipal Engineer Communications”

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009
Time: Noon-1:30
Location: Chester County Economic Development Council
Eagleview Corporate Center
737 Constitution Drive
Exton, PA 19341
Cost: FREE(RSVP Necessary)

Chester County Engineers invites you and your colleagues to attend a free “Engineers’ Luncheon” on May 21st at the Chester County Economic Development Council.

Our Topic for the Luncheon will be “Creating Better Consulting Engineer/ Municipal Engineer Communications”

Following lunch, the program will include a moderated discussion with our panelists on possible steps to enhance the level of communication between consulting engineers and the municipal engineers.

The CCE “Code of Conduct for Consulting Engineers and Municipal Engineers” will be presented and discussed.
A draft copy of the Code can be accessed by clicking this link: Code of Ethics

Chester County Engineers is a Non-Profit trade association dedicated to providing educational programs and professional enhancement to civil engineering and land development community in Chester County, PA.

To sign up to attend this event: e-mail [email protected] please include the names of those who will be attending.

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DEP Publishes Draft Sewage Technical Guidance Document

Title: Act 537 Program Guidance; Site Suitability and Alternatives Analysis Guidelines for New Land Development Proposing Onlot Sewage Disposal.

Description: This guidance provides a consistent and systematic approach for Department staff to follow when reviewing planning submission site suitability and alternatives analysis information submitted to the Department under the Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) and Department regulations. This guidance also successfully integrates recently developed onlot sewage disposal technology into the existing regulatory framework for Act 537 New Land Development planning, enabling developers and local municipal officials to consider and assess new onlot sewage disposal technologies during the planning phase of new land development. The guidance applies to the preparation and review of Sewage Facilities Planning Modules, assessing site suitability for, or the use of, individual or community onlot sewage systems.

Written Comments: The Department is seeking comments on draft technical guidance No. 362-2207-001. Interested persons may submit written comments on this draft technical guidance document by April 21, 2008.

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NPDES/Act 537


NPDES/Act 537

All NPDES permit applications submitted in 2006 or earlier that are still waiting for a complete 537 submission are being denied. These applications can be resubmitted when a 537 approval, waiver or exemption is issued. The new applications will need to use the most current NPDES forms and meet the applicable requirements in place at the time of resubmission. 

If a 537 submission is currently in house and under review, the NPDES will not be denied unless deadlines for submission of revisions, as needed for either the 537 or NPDES, are not met.

Starting around November 1, 2007, or when the new NPDES NOI form is rolled out and on the web, NPDES applications will be considered incomplete without 537 approval. There will be a 2 month transition period for this to be completely in place. 

If you are interested in being placed on the CLIENT ALERT! list, please contact our West Chester Office at 610-918-9002 and provide us with an email address where we can contact you.

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Proposed changes to PA Chapter 73

Sewage Disposal Regulations

Recently the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has adopted a comprehensive stormwater management ordinance that has gone into full effect. This New Ordinance is highly detailed and geared towards not only total management of stormwater through rate control and volume control but also specifies measures that are to be undertaken to improve water quality throughout Pennsylvania. THERE IS NO GRANDFATHERING FROM THIS ORDINANCE, as we are informed by our local Conservation Districts. Therefore, projects that are in mid design or close to approval will be subject to these new requirements. Below is a short list of regulations that will need to be met. For a more detailed explanation of how this may effect your project, please contact your DLH Project Manager to discuss.

  • Per Environmental Hearing Board ruling in December 2006, individual NPDES permit must include an Antidegradation and Thermal Impact Analysis that considers non-discharge alternatives to special protection waters and exceptional value wetlands
  • Per Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual by the PADEP dated December 30, 2006, a n 8:1 loading ratio of impervious drainage area to infiltration area or a 5:1 loading ratio of total draining area to infiltration area must be employed when designing infiltration beds
  • Per Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual by the PADEP dated December 30, 2006, preferred soil infiltration rate testing procedure by using a double ring infiltrometer
  • Per Chester County Conservation District ‘ verbal policy ‘ to be implemented April 2007 all application fees are non-refundable. If your application is not complete, the Chester County Conservation will keep your fees and return the entire package requiring ALL new fees once the application is submitted complete.

Finally, in light of numerous changes to state, local, and federal regulations as well as changes in “policies” at each level, DLH will be implementing a CLIENT ALERT system whereby we will IMMEDIATELY notify all of our clients as well as their attorney’s (if they request) of any and all new changes that we learn about.